in accordance with the commitment and the care that Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss. dedicates to the protection of personal data, we inform you about how, purpose and scope of the communication and dissemination of your personal data and your rights in accordance with art. 13 of GDPR.

Categories of personal data processed by the holder of the treatment
in order to offer you the services provided by their own internet sites Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss. (Hereinafter Società Agricola Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss), as holder of the treatment, DEVE treating some personal data would be for the delivery of services.
These data can be provided implicitly by the tools that you use to access and benefit from the services or may be provided in an explicit way by you.
The Company Agricola Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss will deal with the following categories of personal data of users:
• Technical Data of navigation related to the IP address, the identification codes of the devices used by the user for the use of the site or services, to the characteristics of the browser and to the logon hours;
• Navigation data aimed at profiling provided indirectly through the use of the service and obtained and analyzed the prior consent of the user;
• data identifying common supplied by the user (e.g. name, surname, e-mail, phone number, etc.) for the fruition of the products and services;

data and cookies you received will be treated by the Company Agricola Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss exclusively with policies and procedures necessary to provide you with the services requested and for the purposes further for which you have expressed their consent.
Only with your express consent data could be used to perform statistical analysis and market surveys, promotional activities through social media and the sending of commercial information on products and promotional initiatives to agricultural society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss (direct marketing purposes)
always with your consent the data may be used for profiling carried out automatically by collecting information on navigation you do during the access and use of the services of the service and by means of algorithms of statistical correlation, bind to the same information from other users to identify common traits and grouping those similar inside classes of interesse. By means of the assignment of your browser to a class of interesse, our systems will then be able to offer you Contenuti that are closest to your tastes and present advertising contributions that best meet your needs and better address the interests of advertisers by reducing the level of disturbance to fruition.
The date on which read this privacy policy, agricultural society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss uses data profiling to aggregate profiles of marketing, for the management of the relationship with advertising investors and improve the campaigns to infer patterns of usage of our products and services and to assist the commercial directions in the development of digital strategies (purpose of profiling)
Finally, with your explicit consent, your data can be provided to other companies operating in the sectors publishing, financial, insurance automotive, energy, consumer, humanitarian organizations and beneficial properties which may contact you come Holders of autonomous initiatives - the updated list is at your disposal and can be requested to the responsible of the treatment at the address below - for Statistical analysis and market surveys and the sending of commercial information on products and promotional initiatives. (Marketing purposes by third parties).
Communications for market surveys or commercial information on products and promotional initiatives may be carried out by post or email, telemarketing, SMS and MMS.
Please note that some activities could be implemented by suppliers, specially designated as responsible for the treatment, also residing outside the European Union.
The legal bases of the purposes previously described are the execution of your request which concerned and consents to you expressed.
Your personal data will not be disseminated, but may be communicated where necessary for service delivery to third parties (as suppliers of technical services of third parties, Postal Couriers, hosting provider, computer companies) appointed, if necessary, responsible of the treatment by Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss for the tasks of a technical nature or organizational instrumental to the provision of the services.
Data access is also allowed to categories of persons in charge of the Società Agricola Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss involved in the organization for the treatment data (administrative staff, commercial, marketing, customer service, system administrators).
The updated list of responsible will always be required to the holder of the treatment.
Remains subject to the right of communication to third parties if you have given the specific consent and optional.

your personal data will be treated by the Company Agricola Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss within the territory of the European Union. If for questions of a technical nature and/or operating position it is necessary to avail themselves of subjects located outside of the European Union, or it is necessary to transfer some of the data collected to technical systems and managed services in the cloud and located outside the area of the European Union, the treatment will be adjusted in accordance with the provisions of Chapter V of regulation and authorized on the basis of individual decisions of the European Union. Will then be taken all the precautions necessary in order to ensure the most total protection of the personal data by basing such transfer: a) on decisions of adequacy of third countries recipients expressed by the European Commission; (b) on adequate guarantees expressed by third party recipient within the meaning of art. 46 of Regulation; (c) on the adoption of binding rules of enterprise, cd. Corporate binding rules.
Company Agricola Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss in accordance with the Art. 5.1 and) of GDPR will treat the data from te conferred for the whole duration of the implementation of the services required and will preserve them for the next 12 months for the purposes of completing administrative tasks., beyond that for the time necessary to fulfill the obligations of law.
If you have authorized the treatment of profiling, anonymous data from time to time observed, will be erased after 12 months from the beginning of the treatment.

Rights of the concerned
Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss guarantees you can at any time exercise your rights provided for by art. 12 of GDPR. In particular you have the right:
- to know if the holder holds and/or treats personal data related to your person and to access them integrally also obtaining copy (art. 15 Right of access),
- rectification of personal data incorrect or to the integration of personal data incomplete (Art. 16 Right of rectification);
- the deletion of personal data in the possession of the holder if there is one of the reasons provided by the GDPR (Right to cancellation, 17);
- to ask the owner to limit the treatment only to certain personal data, if there is one of the reasons provided for by Regulation (Art. 18 The right to limitation of treatment);
- to request and receive all your personal data processed by the owner, in structured format, of common use and readable by automatic device or ask for transmission to another holder without impediments (Art. 20, right to portability);
- to oppose, in whole or in part to the processing of data for purposes of sending advertising material and market research (so-called Consensus) (Art. 21 Right of opposition)
- to oppose, in whole or in part to the processing of data in automatic mode or semi for profiling (so-called Consensus)

The exercise of these rights may be exercised by means of communication to the holder of the treatment of data whose addresses are specified in the appropriate section of this notice.

Moreover thou hast always the right to submit a complaint to the competent authority for the protection of personal data, contactable at address  or through the site Http://

pursuant to art. 37 GDPR of a Data Protection Officer and it is provided with a holder of the treatment of data for the management of requests concerning the privacy of its users and customers.
For the exercise of the rights to you guaranteed you can ask at the following addresses:
- Privacy Office c/o Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss- Via Aurelia Nord 108 57023 San Pietro in palaces - Cecina (LI)
- or sending us an email by this form below;
I give my consent to the processing of data and authorize the collection of the following data pursuant to art. 13 Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30.6.2003 (hereinafter, "Privacy Code") and art. 13 EU Regulation no. 2016/679 (from 25 May 2018 regulation "GDPR on the protection of personal data). For further information please consult the privacy policy from the link on the footer of the site
LATEST UPDATES; Privacy Policy was last updated on 25 May 2018