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San Pietro in Palazzi - Cecina - Toscana

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  LA GRANDA - 10% off




Club del PleinAir - 10% off

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Ilovecamper - 10% off


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CAMPERLIFE - 10% off


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Vacanzelandia - 10% off






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( € 2,00 off on ticket price)





Parco gallorosePaco Gallorose wildlife center (€ 1 off on ticket price)



On Demand we organize trips outside the city to the surrounding medieval historical centers and to the islands of the Tuscan archipelago 

    .......more conventions in progress

Bus-Clip-ArtLocal shuttle service with 9 seats


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Camperclub cambiano,


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Always with 10% discount






A holiday of relax and fun in the green parks of our Tuscany

Our facilty offers the following services:

  • WI-FI (active from June 2015)
  • Swimming pool (opening in May)
  • Barbecue
  • Playground
  • Pagoda
  • Gazebo
  • Burraco
  • Loading-unloading
  • WC pets
  • Pets (allowed with Dog-Beach at few km)
  • Grooming pets
  • Public restrooms (with easy access for peolpe with disabilities)
  • Foosball table
  • Fenced garden (with the opportunity to partecipate in picking up our agricultural products) 



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Rates 2018

 Our Daily tariffs 2018:

Daily costs indicated for specific period

Single pitch for for campers with a price that includes  hosted the camper for a day in the park and his crew total;

from 1 September to 15 September € 15,00

from 16 September to 23 December € 10,00

from 24 December to 7 January : € 15,00

from 8 January to 9 April: € 10,00

from 10 April to 18 April: € 15,00

from 19 April to 31 May: € 15,00

from June 1 to 30 June € 15,00

from 1 July to 31 July € 20,00

 from 1 August to 31 August € 25,00*


Except for agreements with our partners such as for PleinAir
where a 10% discount will be applied

For guests who will pay more than 30 days of reservation 20% discount is available.

with our conventions 10% of. For more details visit our page 'Conventions'
Information on the tourist tax

Amount of € 0.50 cents to be counted for each person

more than 14 years for a maximum of 10 days

Payments avaible also by credit cards by POS

vada la mazzantaWhat to see near Cecina


Near Cecina coexist different realities: environmental, economic and archaeological. Archaeological Parks are Etruscan, mines for extraction of copper and silver-lead, the almost wilde natural parks, modern wind farms, and the famous installations in Lardarello with their fascinating boric acid fumaroles of Valle del Diavolo (not to be missed).


The neighboring towns are Castelnuovo Val di Cecina, Montecatini Val di Cecina, Monteverdi Marittimo, Pomarance and Volterra reachable in a few minutes and can be visited in a day, starting from Cecina. 


The Etruscan coast: Along the coast and see the most famous centers for the summer vacations at the sea, flanked by important museums and Etruscan ruins: Bibbona, Castagneto Carducci, San Vincenzo and Populonia. 


The agricamper Impalancati is in a truly enviable location to visit the most famous cities of art, such as Pisa (65 km), Florence (130 km) and Rome (about 250 km)