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Cookies: Main Information
What are cookies? These are text files containing information that is sent to your browser and stored on your computer, mobile phone or other device of the user, each time you visit a website. At each connection Cookies refer the information to the reference site.
Cookies can be permanent, i.e. that remain on the device until a removal by the user, or temporary because automatically deleted when the browser is closed.
Cookie of first/third party
the difference consists in the fact that the cookie of first parts are set directly from the site you visited while third party cookies are generated from a site other than the one on which you are, perhaps through plug-in or particular widget.
The cookies used on (Https:// are declared explicitly and viewed directly from the area of the banner of consensus traceability or less than visible to the first access to any page of your website in the appropriate section.
The use of permanent cookies is done for the sole purpose of ;

) facilitate navigation within the site and allow a better experience of content;

(b) facilitate access to those services that require authentication by means of credentials (avoiding the re-continuous insertion of login information

(c) collect data for statistical purposes, to know which areas of the site have been visited.

The use of session cookies is strictly limited instead to the transmission of session identifiers (consisting of random numbers generated by the server) necessary to allow the safe and efficient exploration of the site. The session cookies used in this site avoid recourse to other IT techniques potentially prejudicial to the confidentiality of user navigation and do not allow the acquisition of personal data identifying the user. uses third party cookies?
We use Google Analytics to collect information about the use of the users of its website.
Google Analytics,(place of treatment: USA Privacy Policy - Opt-out), generates statistical and other information usually through cookies, stored on the computers of the users themselves. The information generated, relating to our web site are used to make the report. Google will store and use this information.
We do not use the advertising functions of Google Analytics but we limit ourselves to standard implementations.
The service is used only to have the data of the most visited pages, the number of visitors, the aggregated data of visits for operating system, browser, etc. These parameters are stored in the Google server that governs the Privacy according to these guidelines.
We use the CDN service of Cloudflare.(place of treatment: USA For More Information: Privacy Policy Cloudflare).For reasons of performance, we use Cloudflare as CDN. This saves a cookie "__cfduid" to apply security settings for each client. This cookie is strictly necessary for the security features and capabilities of Cloudflare and cannot be disabled. Cloudflare is also used for the defense of the web site from DDOS attacks and statistical analysis and for the integrity of the smooth functioning of the site for a better experience on the part of the users of the site.
For specific details on all types of cookies profiling of first and third parties present on the site they are freely available in the section of the banner of agreement or disagreement on the traceability of each. Banner viisbile first access to any web page of this site to section "Show Details" ---→ "Information on cookies" and related official sites of contact of the same.

Autonomous management of cookies.
To limit, block or delete cookies simply intervene on the settings of your web browser. The steps vary slightly with respect to the type of instrument used. For detailed instructions, below was put a list of links to the most used ones in such a way as to be able to retrieve the various procedures or however to take the necessary information.
If the list was not present the browser you used, with a simple search on Google, for example by typing cookie privacy (name browser) you will easily find an aid.
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Holder of the treatment of data: Alessandro Romboli
Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss - VAT and Tax Code 01716660491 - Via Aurelia Nord 108 - 57023 San Pietro in palaces - Cecina (LI)

email address of owner: [email protected]
since the installation of cookies and other tracking systems operated by third parties via the services used within this application may not be technically controlled by the holder, any specific reference to cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties is to be considered as indicative. For complete information, see the privacy policy of any third party services listed in this document. Having regard to the factual complexity linked to the identification of technologies based on cookies and to their integration into very close with the operation of the web, the user is invited to contact the owner if you would receive any further deepening on the use of cookies themselves and to possible uses of the same - for example by third parties - made via this website. Updates and changes to the PRIVACY POLICY / Cookies: Our internet site can change this cookie policy depending on the legislation in force, regolamentarla or adapt it in accordance with the directives of Italy, for which it is recommended to view them periodically. If the changes with respect to the policy of cookies are significant will be communicated to users via Web. In order to make it more convenient as possible your visit to our web site for the presentation of our range of products we use cookies, and occasionally some tools for analysis of the use of our web pages to improve their usability. Cookies are small aggregates of text recorded locally in the temporary memory of your browser and then in your computer, for periods of time varying as a function of the need and generally comprised between a few hours and some years, with the exception of cookie profiling whose maximum duration is 365 days. The tools of analysis of the usability consist of small software programs (script) temporarily activated in some of the pages of our sites, which intercept totally anonymous a set of events of interaction with the contents (for example the click, the path of the mouse, the time spent by the mouse in a determined position). At the end of the activity of collecting this information is aggregated and analyzed in order to understand how to improve the structure of the page or of the service. The Company Agricola Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss not collects the contents of the fields that you possibly has compiled during one of these sessions or any other personal information but only information of a technical nature and operational. The activation of these scripts is subject to acceptance of the cookie policy, being for the type of data collected and how to exercise these assimilable. By using cookies you can record in a semi-permanent information about your preferences and other technical data which allow easier navigation and greater ease of use and effectiveness of the site itself. For example, cookies may be used to determine whether there has been a connection between your computer and our sites to highlight the novelty or retain the information "login". To your warranty, is identified only the cookie on your computer. In addition to the cookies we use script with similar purposes. Types of cookies This site or product can make use of 3 different types of Cookies: Cookies essential technical for and statistics and performance analysis and cookies functional and profiling of third parties. A). Cookie essential technical these cookies are required for the correct operation of the site. Allow the navigation pages, without these cookies, we cannot provide the services for which users log on to the site. Belong to this category cookies are essential to the operation of the site or of the product such as cookies technicians for the access to the site or for the communication between the parties and the services that compose it. B). Technical Cookie essential for statistics and performance analysis These cookies enable us to know how visitors use the site in order to be able to evaluate and improve the operation and favor the production of content that best meet the information needs of our users. For example, allow you to know which pages are most and least frequented. Take into account, among other things, the number of visitors, the time spent on the site from the average of the users and of the modes of arrival of these. In this way, we can know what works well and what to improve, in addition to ensure that the pages load quickly and are displayed correctly. All information collected by these cookies are anonymous and not linked to personal data of the user. To perform these functions on our sites we use the services of third parties that anonimizzano data making them not referable to individuals (so-called "single-in"). Where are these services will not completely disguised, you will find them listed between cookies from third parties for which it is possible to refuse consent, in order to guarantee your privacy through the banner of assent or dissent Cookiebot visible when you first access the site present in every single web page of the site itself. Belong to this category the analytics cookies disguised. This site, in particular, makes use of Google Analytics for statistics of access and traffic for internal use. To learn more you can consult the information and service Cloudflare CDN of which it is possible to read the Privacy Policy in continuation. Cookie Usage of primary Profiling Place treatment / Privacy Policy Google Analytics Analytical You Place of treatment : USA - Privacy Policy - Opt-out (C). Cookies for the profiling of the user aimed at targeting advertising, for the delivery of external features built into the site. These cookies enable us to offer announcements related to the user and to their respective interests. They are also used to limit the number of views of a same announcement and to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Are inserted by Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss for means of technical platforms partner of our advertising circuit and contribute to our investment in Web sites, allowing us to adequately fund the maintenance of services and their technological evolution. Can also be used for displaying to the user relevant ads on other Websites visited. These cookies are integrated in the pages and in products from Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss which, in compliance with the regulations, offers in this policy instruments for the exercise of the selective opposition to their use. For specifications on this is that the Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss uses for the site you can consult the details in the breakfast area below referring to the analysis and declaration of cookies detected by Service D). Functional Cookie and profiling of third parties in this category fall both cookies delivered by subject partners of Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss. and it known, both cookies delivered by third parties not directly controlled or controlled by the Company Agricola Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss.cookies from our partners enable you to deliver advanced functionality, as well as more information and personal functions. This includes the ability to share content through the social network, access to the services of video-streaming and networks CDN on which we host our content. These services are mainly provided by external operators hired or consciously integrated by Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss. If you have an account or if you use the services of these subjects on other Web sites, these may be able to know that the user has visited our sites. The use of the data collected by these external operators through the use of cookies is subject to their respective privacy policies and therefore you identify these cookies with the names of the respective entities listed in the tool managing cookies available in the appropriate section of this notice. These include for example, cookies registered by the main social networks that allow you to share the contents of our sites and to express publicly the liking for our work. Cookies do not coming from partner of Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss, are cookies conveyed without the control of agricultural society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss, by third parties that have a way of intercepting the user during your navigation even outside of the sites Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss. These cookies, typically of profiling, are not directly controllable by Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss that cannot therefore guarantee regarding the use that the third-party owners make of the information gathered. The opposition to the use of these cookies is therefore entrusted to external tools or to direct action on your part on the preferences of your browser. For every detail you can see the "Managing cookies". Managing cookies in the case where you have doubts or concerns about the use of cookies you can always intervene to prevent the setting and reading, for example by modifying the privacy settings within your browser in order to block certain types or using the buttons of the refusal that Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss puts at your disposal in this Privacy Policy. Since each browser - and often different versions of the same browsers - also differ considerably from each other if you would prefer to act autonomously by the preferences of your browser can find detailed information on the procedure necessary in the guide of your browser. For an overview of the mode of action for the most common browsers, can visit the address the advertising companies also allow you to renounce to receive targeted ads, if you wish. This does not preclude the setting of cookies, but discontinues the use and the collection of certain data by those companies. For more information and possibility of renunciation, visit Http:// ACTIVATE THE TOOL COOKIE MANAGEMENT ; acceptance or refusal of cookies by continuing in the navigation on this site, by closing the information banner visible at the first access to any web page of this web site or by selecting your preferences from the menu of choice traceability of same cookies or clicking any part of the page or scorrendola to highlight additional content, ask to be an overt act and explicit acceptance of Cookie Policy of Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss and will be set and collected cookies of which you are not declared the refusal. In the case of non-acceptance of cookies by abandonment of navigation, any cookies already recorded locally in your browser will remain registered therein but will no longer be read nor used by agricultural society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss up to a subsequent and possible acceptance of the policy. You ll always have the ability to remove these cookies at any time through the modes referred to the sites mentioned in paragraph "Managing cookies" or through the site Http:// for those not controlled by Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss Duration of treatment the cookie managed by agricultural society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss have a maximum duration of 365 days except renewals volunteers from te carried out by repeating the consent. We reiterate that the cookie profiling are not provided it managed in any way by Agricultural Society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss cookies managed by third parties, have durations are set forth in the respective Cookie Policy of these services estreni third-party contactable through official sites can be seen in the section's Cookies banner visible at first access via any web page of the site via; access to home page or to any internal page. Rights of the interested you can exercise your right to oppose to the integral use of cookies abandoning this site and refusing even so the use of cookies essential technical necessary for its operation. If you intend to reject the use of one or more cookies are not essential, may refuse consent for cookies managed by agricultural society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss or its partners directly from this information with the selectors of "waste" shown next to the name of the cookie or its supplier through the banner visible to the login page of the first entry in the web site (Home Page or through each menu page on the site during their first viewing). The renunciation to third party cookie is not governed by agricultural society Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss may instead be performed according to the information available on the site Any request for information or clarification or exercise of rights can be addressed to the responsible of the treatment at the following addresses: - resp. of the treatment of the data The Company Agricola Romboli Alessandro & Chiara ss Via Aurelia Nord 108- San Pietro in palaces 57023- CecinaLI) - or by sending email to the address: [email protected] In addition, you always have the right to submit a complaint to the competent authority for the protection of personal data, contactable at address
[email protected] or through the site Http:// Privacy information updated on 25 May 2018

I give my consent to the processing of data and authorize the collection of the following data pursuant to art. 13 Legislative Decree no. 196 of 30.6.2003 (hereinafter, "Privacy Code") and art. 13 EU Regulation no. 2016/679 (from 25 May 2018 regulation "GDPR on the protection of personal data). For further information please consult the privacy policy from the link on the footer of the site